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I have just finished reading this beautiful, inspiring, uplifting book which has been both very sad and very joyful to read, and yes you have helped me Joey Hirl you have helped me ... God Bless You

This book left me feeling stronger in my faith gave light where I was allowing darkness. A must read for those of you who believe and those who will.

An amazing story of survival and overcoming impossible odds. I couldn't put it down! From the preface to the last page Joey's story pulls you in and keeps you hooked. The story telling is lyrical and poetic. Highly recommend for anyone looking for encouragement, inspiration or curious about what happens when you pass through to the other side.

Thank you Joey for sharing your story, I found myself tearing up and reflect right along with your words. Thank you!

Such an amazing story! I loved this book. God is always with us. Joey is very lucky to be alive. His story is an inspiration to me. Very heartfelt

As an avid reader, I can honestly say that this is the most absolutely compelling book EVER! The epitome of spellbinding, I felt every emotion the entire way through and it was impossible to put down. A must-read

Joey!! Just finished your book. Excellent
The messages you brought back from Heaven are filled with Love and Light

Joey Hirl you certainly are an inspiration to others.. so happy for you that you turned your life around and have found happiness and have made peace with your traumatic past. And as for your account of heaven ..yes l believe

Such a wonderful story and so well written. I couldn't put it down and read it in a day. I highly recommend reading this whether you're a believer or not. Very inspirational.

This was and is a true raw story. It's a familiar one in a sense to me. I wish I could personally meet the author and thank him. I very much would recommend this read. 


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